Reviews and the Use of Adobe Lightroom

  • Banking on these adobe lightroom reviews for your photo editing
  • Photo editing tools that allow you to enhance the texture of your photo subjects
  • Reading adobe lightroom reviews before editing your photos

If you are reading these adobe lightroom reviews, then it is safe to say that you are in good hands. The things that you get from these reviews will pay dividends later on the moment you edit your photos.


Needless to say, many were reading these adobe lightroom reviews already. In fact, it is important that those who are still in their honeymoon stages when it comes to photography are advised to read a review or two of this adobe lightroom.

Not that you should study adobe lightroom in detail, that is, if you have enough time, but that it is imperative that you get the feel somehow when using this tool, of which you’ll learn a lot from these adobe lightroom reviews.

Never mind if you are an old timer in the field of photography. You have to relearn some things again, as in the case of this adobe lightroom. And these adobe lightroom reviews, by the way, are keys to a smoother photo editing that you’ve wanted every time you tinker on your images.

Adobe lightroom is known for its emphasis on texture editing, where you can enhance the lines and even the color of your photo subjects. And if you can get some valuable information about how to deal with these types of editing through these adobe lightroom reviews, then churning out classic images is not that far-fetched as you may think it is.

So these adobe lightroom reviews are yours for the taking. Use the ideas you get from these pieces, and in no time, you will be able to create images that many might consider it classic.

A Review for the Photography Amateurs

  • Reviews are for all
  • Photography amateurs can use reviews to understand technical terms
  • Photography amateurs can use reviews to learn

Reviews are for all. It’s a form of expression of one reviewers opinions about a certain product, but in a way that is thorough and detailed. But above all review about photography products must be a review for amateur photographers.


There are a couple of reasons for this. Amateur photographers are the babies of the industry no matter how old or young they are. And since they do not know as much as professionals yet, they learn through what they perceive, and in the photography industry, reviews are great sources of insights for photographers to learn how to assess each workflow, preset, or action.

A review for amateur photographers  may be a little perplexing, as it can contain many technical terms that would appear incomprehensible for the uninitiated. But it is one way for photographers to know different important words they need to know about to be able to excel in the industry.

A review for amateur photographers is also a cue to experiment. When you’re passionate about something experimenting, becomes less of a risk and more of a chance to play. As for amateur/ beginners in the photography industry, to read a review is a cue for what things they could try to create a good photo.

A review can just be a review. It can be just a way for the pros to evaluate a product. But when you’re a beginner who really wants to learn, a review is something you can use to get acquainted with the technical side of photography and learn what makes a good or bad photo. It may take years to be really good at photography, but when you try to learn from every resource available it’s easier to be better at it every day.

How Do You Fly A Drone?

  • Flying a drone introduction
  • How do you properly fly it
  • Tutorials about drones

How to fly a drone without crashing” should be the first thing that comes to mind for 1st time drone owners. With so many people owning drones now, (an estimate of 1 million people got one during Christmas) it is important to fly it properly so as not to waste the money spent to buy it, plus you will be enjoying it a lot more once you get a good grip on how to handle it.


Here are a few steps on how to fly a drone without crashing.

  1. Always read the manual. It was included in the package for a reason. Make sure you read it first before attempting to fly it. The manual includes all the information you need to assemble the quadcopter(if needed) as well as other things you need to do in order to fly it properly.
  2. Just like other devices that need software to operate, you have to update the firmware of your drone as well since most if not all drones that leave the factory don’t have the updated firmware yet. Believe me when I say this, the latest firmware can do wonders!
  3. Once the firmware is updated, you are now ready to fly the drone. First thing you need to do is to find an open field with no obstacles. You need clear space to do your first fly by. That way, you can reduce the percentage of accidents happening.
  4. One last thing, make sure to register your drone to the FAA. By US law, all drones are required to be registered first before you can fly them. So there’s no arguing about it, the law is the law.

For other tips and tricks regarding flying drones, you can check out They provide great tutorials as well as reviews on drones. It’s basically your one stop shop for everything about drones and quadcopters.

Why You Really Need Photoshop Actions for Your Images

  • Adobe Photoshop actions are known for its ability to beautify one or more images at once.
  • There are other reasons on why you should consider PS actions for your images.
  • Why You Really Need Photoshop Actions for Your Images

Adobe Photoshop actions are known for its ability to beautify one or more images at once. But did you ever wonder how these actions can actually improve images in no time? Well, PS actions are collections of recorded step by step editing process in which can be played in the actions palette during image editing. Moreover, these actions are similar to what other post processing companies are offering, these are workflows that assist photographers and help them save a lot of time.

But aside from helping photographers saving a lot of time and effort, there are other reasons on why you should consider PS actions for your images. For people who don’t believe in magic and miracles, then this article is for you.

Speeds up the whole editing process

Unlike in the previous years, wherein photographers need weeks or even months to finish one batch of photo editing session because they don’t have something that will help them lighten the process. With actions, they can just play back the recorded steps and apply it to all images at once.

Eradicate the need of experts

With PS actions, photographers or ordinary PS users don’t have to hire some editing experts to do the work for them since they can modify images by themselves. Moreover, it allows users to master their creativity in making unique and high-quality actions.

Edit like a pro

Adobe introduced PS actions to help professionals with their editing process; however, even amateurs can use actions nowadays because the process of making it is very simple. After seeing the product image, they’ll definitely feel that they’re closer to being a professional image editor.

Digital Camera Buying 101

  • Digital camera introduction
  • Guide to buying a digital camera
  • What Camerdojo can offer

Digital cameras are electronic devices capable of capturing images and store them in a memory storage device, to be used for production later on. It is a much less expensive alternative to taking photos as compared to a film camera. Aside from that, you can also produce photos faster compared to a film camera. A new batch of digital cameras is being released monthly and as a consumer and a beginner, it can be quite overwhelming to keep up with the latest releases and trends in the digital photography world. I know because I’ve experienced it as well when I was first looking to buy one. So, to help you out, here are a few ways that you can follow to ease the process a bit. Think of it as a shopping guide.

What you need to do first is to figure out what you need from a digital camera. How are you going to use it? Do you want a handy camera or will a DSLR do? What features do you require of it? These are the questions you need to answer first before getting one. The next thing you need to do once you find the answers to the first step is to figure out if you need some of the accessories that can be used with the camera. Here are a few examples of accessories:

  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Extra batteries/Battery charger
  • Tripods
  • Case

After you’ve got it covered, start reading reviews. CAMERADOJO can help you with that. Read those reviews to get a full idea of what the camera is capable or not capable of. These reviews are very helpful provided that they are objective and truthful, which CAMERADOJO does. Lastly, if you are not content with the reviews you’ve read, you can always visit a local camera shop and try it out. There is nothing like hands on experience to determine if it is really a good camera or not.

So there you go. Follow these steps and you will be able to find that digital camera you are looking for.

Getting the Right Template for Your Resume

  • Two qualities why resume Word template increases your chances of getting hired
  • A list of resume templates for Word you can download on the web
  • What constitutes a good resume

Many are asking, “What really constitutes a good resume?”. The answer to that is quite varied and subjective. There are resumes that are not effective at all to certain employers, in as much as there are resumes that has an immediate impact that conducting an interview would just a mere formality.


That is, if you can use a resume Word template. Not that the other applications are not effective at all when it comes to resumes, but that a resume Word template brings an added edge over other applications. And these are the reasons why:

  • Classy – You can be artsy with those other applications, but a resume created out of Word still stands out in terms of presenting yourself to your potential employer: uncluttered, direct and easy to the eye. You can design your resume with some ornamentation with other applications, but it still pays to use a resume Word template, more business-like, to say the least.
  • Comprehensive – It’s so much easier to enumerate your capabilities as a potential employee in that company if you use this resume Word template. Keeping it simple tells a lot about your personality that your employer will construe it as having a sense of order and commitment at the same time. Now, that’s taking first impressions into another level.

These are two of the main reasons why you need to root for this resume Word template. And you can get these kinds of templates free online. The only thing you need to do really is to fill in enough information so that your employer will know how great an addition you are to the company.

Lightroom Presets for Wedding Images

  • What are Lightroom presets
  • What type of presets are suitable for wedding images
  • Where can I get these kinds of presets

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful image post processing tool that is being used by most photographers today. This piece of software is the all in one tool used by most professionals to retouch, edit or enhance images. They are used to improve the quality and appearance of a photo. Basically, it is the photographer’s Swiss knife. Whatever you need to improve the quality of an image, Adobe Lightroom has it. The beauty of this software is that you can actually share presets. These presets bring about a form of consistency for the images that you took, and as a professional photographer, consistency is crucial. It also saves time because you can edit a batch of photos using the same preset. This is especially true for wedding photographers. With all the shots they have taken during a wedding, editing usable photos can really be time consuming. But by using presets, it actually cuts down the processing time by more than half.


Speaking of wedding photos, what most people are looking for with wedding images is the richness in detail, especially in the skin tone. Photos have to appear organic in order to bring life to the photo. Simulating the results of a traditional film is also a good look for wedding images because it gives a timeless feel to the image. Vintage effects also are quite a hit for couples who want a sort of hip feel to their wedding photos. So, with that in mind, these are the lightroom presets wedding types to look for when you want to edit wedding photos.

The question is, where can I find these lightroom presets wedding types? The answer is simple. At, they provide high quality presets that can achieve all the things mentioned above and more. All you have to do is visit their website and download the presets, and then you are good to go.

Bags For Your Precious Cameras

  • Photography introduction
  • How camera bags can help protect cameras
  • What qualities do I need to look for in a good camera bag

As the saying goes “You can never go to war without a gun!”, the same goes for photography. You will need your camera to take shots. Throughout the years, cameras have pretty much evolved and have become delicate and valuable things that you need to take care of in order to preserve its performance and usefulness. In order to do that, you will need several things to maintain the pristine condition of your camera. One of those things is the camera bag. A camera bag is your protection to wear and tear of your camera. That is why it is also an investment. Making sure that you’ve got a good camera bag is also ensuring that your camera will last longer.


With that said, how can a camera bag protect our cameras? The answer is simple. It can protect cameras from impact or collision when traveling. Of course you need a camera bag to carry your camera from one location to another, that is a given. In fact, cameras bags should be included in your list of things to get for your camera kit. Where else are you going to place your lenses, sd cards, flashes and secondary camera right?

So how can you identify a good camera bag? Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for one. As listed in the Sleeklens bags section of the site, camera bags should first and foremost be ergonomic. It has to be comfortable and useful at the same time. It has to be wearable, otherwise, it is useless. Another aspect to consider is that it has to be waterproof. Nothing damages a camera faster than water. That is why you need to protect it from rain, spills or any other incident involving water. Lastly, it has to be resistant. It should be able to handle all types of weather for it to be considered a good camera bag.

If you want to see a list of good quality camera bags, you can check out the Sleeklens bags section of They have listed a good number of bags to consider. It’s a good list to refer to if you are shopping for one.

Getting to Know More About Infoparrot

  • Cool list of Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions from Infoparrot
  • An online photo shop that offers tutorials to its clients
  • Blogging and online marketing via, or the Parrot, in some circles, is the next best thing in photography.


It is an online photography shop that deals with photo editing and enhancements, as well developing art works for special events. If you are new to the Parrot, you are in for a special treat.

Infoparrot offers tutorials not just on dealing with photo editing, the Parrot also tutors you how to start and maintain a blog. And with this setup, though, you get to complete your photo editing by providing them with a stylized blog, too.

As has been said, the Parrot is the site to be when you’re serious about making significant improvements on your pictures and artwork. Their artists have lined up a collection of templates for you to use, complete with the appropriate effects. So why would you scour for another site online just to enhance your images? The Parrot is already there.

Hosting, web design, online marketing, blogging are some of the features that Infoparrot has to offer, aside from photography. These are special features that accentuate your photo editing as these images will be posted on your blog, and quite possibly be a part of that marketing scheme when you do promote your blog.

So the next time you think of making improvements with your art, or photography for that matter, the Parrot is the place to go. Check out their website right now and choose from their large cache of presets and Photoshop actions for your photos, and that equally large collection of templates for your artwork.

Now that’s taking photography and art into the next level, and the Parrot is leading the way.

Cheap Yet Cool Action Cameras

  • A host of cheap action camera you can get online
  • Delivering the same kind of quality pictures despite using cheap action cameras
  • That type of camera that saves you enough resources while still producing quality photos

There are a bunch of action cameras online. A lot of them, in fact, come in some form of a discount, saving you enough resources in the process. But there’s a cheap action camera available for you, too. Only if you’ll scour the web that much.


Make no mistake about it; a cheap action camera functions like an expensive camera still. They are cheap in the sense that you can get them at a much friendlier, affordable price, perfect for your budget. But these gadgets can still produce pictures like those works from expensive cameras.

You don’t have to spend much nowadays for you to come up with quality pictures, you can still have them even if you are using a cheap action camera. At times, though, if you can handle the natural elements when taking a picture, you won’t find yourself at a loss on how to deal with quality pictures even if your gadget is not that sophisticated.

But as has been said, a cheap action camera is not at all reduced when it comes to features or even generating effects. You would be surprised to know that more and more cheap cameras lately can produce photos that are worthy of publication in some glossy magazines.

So why worry when you can still churn out some beautiful photos even if you’re using a cheap action camera?

Find that cheap action camera on the web right now, and like a professional photographer, deliver gorgeous photos that perk up the imagination of your viewers. And who would have thought that it is all a work from a cheap action camera. A not-so cheap camera, really, that even seasoned photographers and designers are now using.